8 Simple Living Room Decorating Ideas for Beginners

Inside one’s living room, there are certain feelings to experience and visuals to behold. It may seem like common sense most of the time, but we may take for granted how great this can be. Moreover, your living room can be customized to your heart’s content. From the accessories you display to the furniture used in the layout, the design is ultimately up to you.

Since this can be left up to your intentions, you may try to include every single item inside the space. However, over time, you may realize this is a disservice to your living room. Sometimes, it is best to keep things as simple as possible for maximum results. The following illustrates how to best do that.

Idea #1: Furniture

Of course, any living room you enter or look at will have some furniture inside the space. The couch can be seen as a focal point and is surrounded by many other essential pieces. You can also move things around later once you decide to shake things up.

However, the more complex you decide to make your layout, the more cluttered the setting. Furniture is supposed to accentuate the space that they are in, not make things feel clunky. As a result, try to find multipurpose furniture with more than two functions. For example, use wooden dining tables that can also function as a workspace. That way, you save space and keep your quarters simple.

Idea #2: Living Room Colours

Another key aspect of the living room is the colours you choose. While the standard choice is white, you are encouraged to experiment. Since you strive to include a simple tone inside the space, warm colours will be the best pick of the lot. These colours evoke a sense of belonging and coziness at the end of the day.

It is up to you when trying to pick a warm colour that works in your living room. Some great choices to try out initially include lighter shades of blue or green. Then, the furniture and accessories inside the room can be complemented much better. While their impact could be overlooked, colour plays a large role in any room within the home.

Idea #3: Lighting

One area that can be overlooked quite often is that of lighting. This is especially true for those who want to keep their living room as simple as possible. While you may initially think that a few lamps here and there could work, another direction is warranted. For example, natural light represents simplicity through and through.

Take a look at the windows inside your living room. Are there ways to allow more natural light to enter the premises? Once you figure that out, secondary lighting sources can be installed in key positions. Nothing beats the warm hue of an LED lighting strip that glows at night!

Idea #4: Use Plants

The power of green is undeniable, no matter what area we find ourselves in. For those trying to redesign their living room in a new way, potted plants can be ideal for décor. Place a couple of them in select corners of the living room. Then, you can sit back and enjoy the sight of nature working in tandem with the elements within the space.

Idea #5: Photos

While many interior designers will stress the importance of modern décor, you shouldn’t overlook photographs. If your walls look empty, discard a few of your favourites to complete the look.

Idea #6: Bookshelf

One key item that many homeowners may not utilize in an optimized way is a bookshelf. Instead of filling it up with unnecessary items, why not feature it as the focal attraction? Place the bookshelf near an empty wall, and put a few, key accessories onto them. That way, you maintain simplicity while still creating a cool centrepiece.

Idea #7: Emphasize Space

The living room is a place in the home where obstacles or barriers should not be a burden. As a result, you have to ensure enough space in the most highly-trafficked parts of the space. The natural flow of movement should not be impeded. Once you feature this simple layout in the living room, you will be good to go.

Idea #8: Personalize The Room

The living room is what you make of it. So, try to customize it to your heart’s content. Various design templates are available, which could serve as a neat foundation. Then, once you are comfortable with how it appears, you can add or take out elements to emphasize simplicity further!

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.