How to Make Someone Feel Better After a Car Accident

\When you drive, most of the time, things go pretty well. Occasionally, there are minor incidents or close calls. Sometimes, you may be involved in a minor accident where it does not impact your life. But what if you were involved in a major accident? This can have long-lasting effects.

As a friend, you may want to know how to make someone feel better after a car accident. That’s what good friends do. They try to help and be supportive.

Check out these different ways to make someone feel better after a car accident:

Car accident trauma

If someone was involved in a car accident, they would be shaken, but the incident could escalate a few days later. The victim may find it hard to believe it happened. It may take time for it to sink in. They may be in a state of shock. They could suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

There could be anger, guilt, fear, nervousness and anxiety. It can be really hard to cope. The victim may keep replaying the incident in their mind. It is, after all, a big incident, and it can be hard to just shake it off.

Some people are lucky. After some time, these feelings may go away, but it does not for others. You may feel anxious whenever you get behind the wheel. You may have trouble sleeping or experience nightmares. It can get debilitating for some people, and their behaviour may also change.

Help your friend feel better

As a friend, you want to be able to help your friend recover. There are several ways you can try to do this. You can offer words of encouragement. Let them know that you are there for them.

Tell them how sorry you are about what happened. Let them know that you are so glad that they are safe. Be a good listener and a good friend. Ask them if there is anything that you can do for them. Try to be as understanding as possible.

Never say things such as “get over it, others have been through the same thing.” Do not be insensitive. Do not ever blame them. Even if you know they tend to drive fast, don’t say, “See, I told you to drive much slower.” Ask them how you can help and do your best if they ask anything of you. If they need help, consider referring a personal injury lawyer like Franklin Law Firm.

Make your friend a meal

Invite your friend over and cook them a meal. You can help take care of them this way. It may be a little gesture on your part, but it will make a big impact on your friend, one which they won’t forget. It can help them to feel better. Or invite them over and get a meal delivered.

You can ask your friend what kind of meals they like. You can even make this a regular thing, at least for a while, until they start feeling better.

Help your friend restore a normal routine

You can help your friend get back to their daily routines, providing any injuries do not get in the way. When someone is involved in a traffic accident, they tend to limit themselves and stop doing certain things.

Be a friend and help them get back to their usual schedule or routine. If certain things seem scary to your friend, let them know that you are right there and will help them. If they can exercise, go ahead and join them in these activities. Maybe get other good friends involved. This can help them on their road to recovery and feel better.

Refer your friend to a counsellor

Ask your friend if they want to be accompanied to a doctor’s appointment for a follow-up. Suggest it first. You can also suggest that they see a counsellor for that extra bit of help.

Let them know that you are happy to go with them and wait until the session is over. Sometimes, seeing a professional counsellor can help an accident victim on their path to recovery.

Help your friend with errands

Offer your friend to do errands for them. If they find it difficult to get about, you can help by doing some tasks or errands for them. That relieves a lot of pressure. They know they can depend on you. They will also know that they are lucky to have such a good friend in you. You can walk their dog, do some cleaning and other tasks.

There are other ways to make someone feel better after a car accident, but this is a good start. For example, you could get them a get-well gift, help them with psychological problems. You could arrange this for them if they are OK with it. You could pick up the kids from school and mow their lawn. You can do so many things that your friend will most appreciate.

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