How to Get Clients as a Real Estate Agent

Becoming a real estate agent is a challenging career with the ability to make a high income. You set your hours, meet new people and help them achieve the biggest purchase in their lives. Unfortunately, the hardest part is getting clients in the first place.

Many experienced agents are looking to scoop up every buyer and seller they can find, so how can you get clients as a real estate agent with all this competition? These are various ways to get more clients and build your real estate business empire. Increasing your client roster doesn’t happen overnight. By using these effective strategies, you will stand out from the crowd and propel yourself towards a successful real estate career.

Let’s learn how to get clients as a real estate agent.

1. Get involved in your community

You are not the only agent in town, but you can be the most recognized. Potential clients want someone they trust, and if you are who comes to mind when they are looking for a real estate agent, you will be successful.

Participate in your local community and get your name out there. There are festivals, food drives and charitable events where you can meet people and let them know that you care about what’s happening in the neighbourhood. These are places where you can reach out and talk to people without selling to them.

Then, let your community know you are a local agent and want to help them with their home purchase or sale. The more people see you out and about, the more likely they will look to you when they need an agent.

2. Build a great website

People shop differently in the digital era, and when they want to look up real estate, they go online. To compete, you need a dynamic website to find what they are looking for. An excellent website can be a great showcase for yourself and also help with recruiting real estate agents for your business.

Make sure you have a vibrant landing page with lots of property pictures and videos, so they don’t have to navigate to find listings. Then offer engaging content like relevant articles and a constantly updated blog. Link your social media to it and keep people informed about what is happening in the market so they don’t need to leave your site to get anything else.

3. Work your sphere of influence

This will be your best resource for clients because these people already know you. You should be the agent they come to make their housing transactions, and the better job you do, the further your reach goes.

Start with friends and family as well as business peers in your community. Have a regular barber? Make sure he knows you can help him buy or sell a home. As you build on this close circle, you can tap into each of their spheres through word of mouth, sending a ripple out like dropping a pebble in the water.

4. Referrals

The clients you have worked with are probably very happy with their real estate outcome, and you are the one who facilitated it. This can become a resource for new businesses. You will generate many new clients by asking for referrals from all your past clients, and they are usually happy to pass your name along.

Keep in touch with your clients and ensure they are doing well. Birthdays and holidays are perfect for sending an email or quick message to let them know you are still in real estate and if they know anyone who could use your services. You could get repeat business from them or connect with someone they know in the market for a new home. A personal referral program can act as an incentive for your past clients, so offer them a cash amount or gift card for every one they send to you that ends up doing business with you.

5. Use real estate software to manage your business

You meet lots of people in real estate, and keeping track of leads can be tough. Fortunately, some great software platforms make managing your business easier.

These software management tools allow you to track your business and manage your contacts, so you keep in touch at the right times and follow up with emails, texts, monthly newsletters and personalized videos. It’s the smart way to conduct your business and track progress because everything is automated.

6. Be active on social media

Social media platforms are where people communicate and look for answers. You need a strong presence on several platforms to become prospective clients’ experts and go-to real estate agents. Concentrate on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and play around with Instagram, TikTok and YouTube so you can build your brand.

Get in on the conversation and add valuable content that people want. Make sure to be entertaining as well because you want to attract as many followers to these platforms as possible.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.