7 Pest Control Tips to Have a Great Summer

Summer is truly the time when living is easy. The sun is shining (for the most part), temperatures are heating up and we’re all feeling low and lazy. But there is one enemy that is attempting to ruin your escape from Old Man Winter: pests. They are trying to seep into every nook and cranny of your home – they’ve even frightened away Aunt Lola because she hates cockroaches and mice. The summer is now over right? Wrong. You can still save the season.

Here are seven pest control tips to have a great summer:

1. Don’t Let Them in Your Home

To avoid even one pest from entering into your home, you must bar entry. This is achieved by repairing holes in screen windows, ensuring the roof is in good condition and closing all of your doors at night. If there is a barrier then they can’t get into your home.

2. Prevent the Outside from Going Inside

After months of being cooped inside, we now have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Just remember to not bring the outside inside. Once you return home, it would be prudent to take your shoes off, throw your clothes in the wash and take a shower.

3. Always be Cleaning Your Home

A crumb on the floor? Pick it up. A soda stain in the carpet? Wash it. Mud at the entrance door? Mop it. Simply put: you must always be cleaning your home to ensure cockroaches, centipedes, mice, fruit flies (see below) and other types of pests do not wreak havoc on your home.

4. Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables

Do you know the best way of inviting fruit flies into your home? Never eating your fruits and vegetables. If your bananas or avocadoes are sitting on the kitchen table then be sure to eat them. Otherwise, the fruit flies will be attracted to the produce and they’ll be hard to get rid of.

5. Perform an Inspection of All Spaces

Kitchen cupboards, basement closets, the main floor crawlspace…these are all aspects of the home that only pests love: they’re dark, small and rarely cleaned. Moving forward, it would be wise to regularly perform an inspection of all these spaces.

6. Never Let Your Garbage Pile up

Perhaps we’re lazy or perhaps we’re not eco-friendly, but it’s never a good idea to let your garbage pile up. This will only attract even more bugs into your home. As soon as your garbage is three-quarters full, it is time to throw it in the trash bin.

7. Has it Gotten Out of Control? Hire a Pest Control Service

Unfortunately, no matter what you have done or tried to do, nothing is working. If it has gotten really out of control, then you must hire a professional pest control service right away.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.