7 Easy Ways to Destroy Your Computer Hard Drive

Professional shredding companies protect your identity by destroying crucial documents and data that contain your personal information. Identification numbers, banking and credit card information, medical and employment histories, education backgrounds, and of other personal information can be used against you if it falls into the wrong hands.

There are many sources of information that must to be destroyed before your belongings are discarded or recycled. While many people look at hard copy, paper forms of data, not everyone thinks about their technological products and the amount of vulnerable personal data they have stored on their devices and computers.

Hard drives save all the information you access daily on your computer and handheld systems. With the world being the digital dependent place, it is, every part of our personal, private and public life is put online. With all the activity done on our tech units, there is a ton of private information that should never be shared with others. Therefore, before getting rid of that old computer, laptop, tablet or phone, it is important to delete the information in the hard drive.

Recycling firms can shred your drive so that no one else can see your information. But you can also remove the storage piece from your unit and clear the information at home.

1. Shred It

Some home paper shredding units are designed to shred more than just paper. Industrial style shredders can also cut up credit or banking cards, discs, and hard drive pieces. If you have a system that can tear through other materials, you can use it to ruin your driver.

2. Smash It

Take out any stress your feeling by grabbing a hammer or screwdriver and smash the memory saver into tiny pieces. Screwdrivers or knives can also be used to scratch the disc beyond usage. When smashing your computer chip, protect your eyes from flying pieces.

3. Burn It

Next time you start that fire in your pit, throw your hard drive disk into the flames to destroy the unit. Flames will melt the data collector so that no one can repair or view the information.

4. Pour a Chemical on It

Some household cleaners are very corrosive so once they are poured onto the computer part, they will melt the drive so no one can use it.

5. Wipe It

Wiping your computer drive while it is still in the device will remove all data stored in your system. Many software programs have built-in restore and recovery options to manually clear your data.

6. Take It to A Professional Service

Professional computer services can clean out the hardware in the computer to completely remove all virtual material from your system. The rates vary from place-to-place.

7. Take A Drill to It

Drills are great tools for injecting nails in almost any surface. They also make excellent utensils for drilling holes in your computer memory so that no one can see what is stored in there.

Protecting your personal information is vital in today’s internet world. The more places we access the more vulnerable we are to have our private data exposed to others. If you cannot ruin the memory disc yourself, taking it to a professional shredding service will ensure that no one ever uses your personal information against you.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.