7 Easy Lawn Care Activities for Autumn

Maintaining a healthy, beautiful yard is a year-long process. Each season requires specific work to keep your grass green, your plants healthy, and your yard looking it’s best. Now that fall is here, people are busy getting their yards ready for the winter.

Autumn is the time of year to treat your lawn to a little extra care so that it can prepare for the cold while recovering from the heat and effects of the hot summer months. Doing the proper lawn care during this cooler season will help your plants stay healthy under the snow and regenerate more quickly once spring returns. The following tips will help you get your yard ready for winter:

1. Mow the lawn

Cutting your grass short before the snow falls will make is easier to rake in the spring after the snow melts. End the growing season with one more cut to the lawn so that it does not get weighted down by the heavy frozen white stuff.

2. Rake those leaves

A few leaves on the ground can add insulation to some of your plants, protecting them from the cold temperatures, but too many fallen leaves will get matted over the winter.  In the spring, mold can easily form if the wet leaves cannot dry, or removed from the lawn.

3. Fertilize the Soil

Give your yard the royal treatment is autumn by feeding it the right nutrients before the ground freezes. Fertilizing your grass in the fall helps the foliage recover from the damaging heat and sun. Nutritious soil also improves the rejuvenation of your grass in the spring, so that it grows more quickly.

4. Get Rid of those Weeds

Weeds are pesky plants that grow like a virus on your lawn. September and October, is the perfect time to remove them from your lawn so they do not take over your grassy areas in the spring. There are several different ways and devices used to remove the annoying plants without straining yourself.

5. Clean the Messes

Messes from animals and dead plants do nothing for your lawn over the cold season and just add to the spring cleaning when the snow melts. By getting rid of animal messes and thick, dead foliage, your grass will have more exposure to the air and sunlight in the spring when the white stuff is gone.

6. Plant Bulbs

Different spring bulbs grow better if they are planted in the ground during the fall season. If you love your flowers, and want beautiful plants to warm your yard after winter is finished, start planting some of your plant bulbs now so they can take root when the ground thaws.

7. Aerate and Seed

Now is the time to aerate your lawn and add extra seed. The ground can become compacted in the different climates, so aeration reduces the tightness in the soil. Air, water, and fertilizer will move better in loose soil, and help your whole lawn grow.

Lawn care is an ongoing job that needs to be done regularly to keep your grass and plants looking beautiful. Taking proper care of your yard in the fall will help protect your foliage during the cold winter season so you will have a gorgeous yard next spring.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.