6 Best Pink Gift Basket Ideas for Friends and Family

Unsure what to get your mother-in-law for her upcoming birthday? Unclear what to get your niece for her graduation this season? Confused about what to get your sister for the baby shower she is hosting next weekend? Look no further! We are here to help you create the ultimate gift basket for the pink lover in your life.

We love gift baskets because they represent all the little moments and memories you have made together and are so customizable and flexible that you can undoubtedly find or make a gift basket for anybody in your life. Every item you include reminds you of the care and thoughtfulness you put into curating the best gift possible. Nobody who receives one can doubt the love and commitment the other has for them.

One thing we love about compiling gift baskets is how you can customize every single aspect. Everything from the gift basket to the ribbon on top. You could opt for a pink box or woven basket for a softer look for a pink gift basket. If most of the items you include are pink, you could select a lighter eggshell or white basket to highlight the pink items inside.

Whether you are looking to throw a pink panther-themed birthday party or celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl into the family, there is undoubtedly something for everyone. Keep reading to discover what you should include in sharing the care and spirit in your basket.

Idea #1: Snacks

Who can say no to snacks?! Snacks are a practical yet yummy addition to the gift basket; depending on the occasion, there are thousands of options to choose from! If you know what they like, you can automatically choose that, whether they are chips, crackers, or chocolate. Try to find them in pink packaging, but the worst comes to worst. You can tie a pink bow on it if you think they would love the non-pink snack.

One of our personal favourites to add to a gift basket are cookies! Because they have so much free range (sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, smores cookies, you name it!), they are very easily customizable, and many bakeries can create custom cookies for the occasion.

Idea #2: Candles

Not only do candles smell great (obviously), but they also add to the room’s ambience. As such, you can control how you want them to feel. Want them to feel like they are sitting at the Christmas dinner table about to indulge in some turkey? Purchase a holiday-themed candle (many are pink). Want them to feel as though they are by the beach side? Select a sea salt candle or a tropical one to set the atmosphere.

Idea #3: Self-care

After long work weeks or tiring labour days of motherhood, self-care might just be what they need! Many body washes come in adorable pink containers, sure to fit the vibe! Perfume, face masks, hand masks, lip balm, hand sanitizer, bath bombs, eye masks, and hand soap are other amazing options that you can find in shades of pink.

Idea #4: Mugs

Mugs are both practical and adorable. A heavy set mug is perfect for their morning coffee or even their nighttime wine if they are into that. There are so many cute pink mugs to choose from; there is surely something for everybody. If you are gifting the gift basket for a special occasion, you can find mugs with messages such as “congratulations!” or “happy birthday”!

Idea #5: Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are always a great addition to any gift basket. They are fluffy and cute and can provide comfort at all times of the day. What more could you want in a gift? There is a slew of options to select from unicorns, ice cream cones, cows, bears, pigs, dogs, etc. Do you want a certain animal? Name it! This option is especially great for baby shower gift baskets as it allows you to welcome the new life with an adorable stuffie waiting for them!

Idea #6: Flowers

To add some livelihood to the gift basket, opt for flowers! This is a great way to liven the basket and the home the flowers are taken into. Pink roses, lilacs, daisies, and carnations are amazing places to start if you are unsure what they would like. Throwing a pink vase would be a good option to take the effort out of the gift. They will not have to search their back drawers to find a vase. Instead, they can focus on the amazing gift you have graciously put together and given them!

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.