6 Benefits of Steel Agricultural Buildings

Breaking away from the traditions of wood out-buildings can lead you to the use of a material that is stronger, affordable, and requires less maintenance. Below are six reasons that you should choose a steel building to house your livestock.

1. Overall Lower Cost

Whether you are looking at construction a large building or several small ones, steel is one way to go in materials that are less expensive than wood over years of use. The initial costs might be slightly higher, but you will not have the same ongoing chores to maintain the integrity of the building.

Steel is a material that you can put up and nearly forget about it until it needs attention. Damages are usually inexpensive and quick to fix. The basics of maintaining are keeping the surface clean and monitoring it for debris damage.

2. Reduced Maintenance Hassles

Wood has to be frequently coated with paint to keep water, snow, and ice from damaging the surface. Pests like termites and carpenter ants can begin to burrow in and cause extensive damage. Lightning strikes can devastate a working farm or ranch by lighting up the livestock building, resulting in property and animal losses that can financially break the operation.

Many types of steel structures are made using pre-treated metal that can withstand thermal changes, weather, fire, and other natural disasters.

3. Instantly Increase Your Property Value

The value of a farm and ranch property instantly increases with the addition of livestock buildings. Already including a safe area to house animals gives your property an edge if you ever need to sell and move along.

4. Quick Construction Project

A steel building used for livestock is quick to erect. The designs are relatively simple and meet the building codes of most jurisdictions. You will not be stuck in a lengthy approval process wondering when the project gets the green light. Wood structures and obtaining the right permits can tie you up for months.

5. Easy and Affordable to Insulate

Keeping your livestock warm, cool, and dry during all seasons is easier using steel buildings that are insulated. The choices in insulation are many, and most are effective at creating a comfortable atmosphere for your animals. The finishing touches of insulation will not drive the cost up much from the initial estimates.

6. All-Weather Durable

Snow, rain, sleet, lightning, and wind are no match for a well-built steel building construction. Lightning damage tends to be slight and affordable to fix. An occasional dent or ding from flying debris and hail are standard with steel buildings but do not deter from the continued use or good looks.

Keep your livestock safe and secure in all weather with the design and construction of a steel building. You will find more available space and comfort than imagined in an out-building.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.