5 Key Features of Recycling Containers

If you are considering getting recycling bins, you need to make sure that they will do the right job in the right place so that it is used effectively. Things will be kept neater and when everything is labelled, it will be simpler and easily understood. You want to consider things such as aesthetics, quality, design and visuals, amongst other things. Here are some points to consider when getting your recycling bins.

1. Use Visual Indicators

Make sure to use visual indicators so that recyclable items will be easily placed in the right receptacles. Some recycling bins have several streams, so you need to make it simple for people to place items in the correct opening. A circular opening will indicate that cans, plastic bottles and glass should be placed in there. Placing signs will also help because there are still people, believe it or not, who do not recycle, so signs can make it easier for them.

2. Recycled Material

Consider getting recycle bins made from recycled materials. This will also help with the environment when you do this. Some recycle bins are made from a certain percentage of recycled materials. They are still strong and durable and use less new materials, making it more eco-friendly.

3. Container Capacity & Collection

Make sure to consider the capacity of your container and keep collection times in mind. This can be a bit of a trial and error process, but that’s okay. If you can anticipate the traffic that will make use of the container, then hopefully, it won’t overflow before it is collected. Knowing collection times will help, however, it is better to go with a larger receptacle and err on the side of caution. This should help the recycling program to go much smoother.

4. Easy To Use

Make sure to select a bin that is functional and easy to use. If possible, it should not occupy too much space. There may be any number of reasons to use a recycling bin. For example, it can be something at the side of an office desk, wheeled containers to easily move the contents within or something mountable so as not to take up too much kitchen space. Some containers may have lids that people are required to open, so make sure it can be easily opened. It should also be easy to collect. It should be easily accessible and have handles and other aids to make it easy for collectors. If everything is simple, then the most amount of materials can be recycled and collected with ease.

5. Quality

You need to pay greater attention to the quality of the receptacle you are getting especially if it is going to be outside. This means it is going to be exposed to harsh elements constantly and for long periods. It has to withstand rain as well as the freezing cold and snow. You need to make sure that these particular receptacles will be rust-resistant. It also has to be sturdy and possibly mounted so that it won’t be knocked over by strong winds or that the lid won’t fly open and cause contents to be scattered about. You need to contend with animals as well, so an outside bin must be of high quality. A little planning is necessary to come up with the right bin.

You can get bins that are pleasing to the eye, both indoor and outdoor bins. You can even make them fit with your office decor or be striking enough that they can be easily seen in public places such as sports venues. It should be easily maintained so everyone will be able to benefit.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.