5 Key Aspects of a Building Construction Project

Constructing buildings are becoming increasingly popular as people are mindful of budgets, time, and efficiency more now than ever before. Traditional buildings can take several weeks to erect and cost more as a result and due to the numerous materials and components required. In contrast, steel buildings are prefabricated in a factory and only have to be joined when they reach the building site.

Labour costs end up being much less because the prefabricated pieces can be put together with speed and ease. It is an easy choice to choose a steel building, but there are still factors that you need to consider before purchasing and erecting one.

1. Site

Before purchasing a steel building, make sure your site is level and free of any bumps or slopes. After you prepare your site, it would be beneficial to make an appointment with installers to confirm that your site is suitable for the structure and enough space is allotted.

Check with your local government officials to ensure you are complying with all laws and regulations when you install your structure and confirm that you need a building permit. It would be disappointing to begin erecting the building and be ordered to stop work because you failed to follow the rules.


2. Supplier

There are many suppliers available to provide you with a steel building, but you want to look at a few things before purchasing. You want to buy from a supplier who has years of experience in the industry. This guarantees that they have been successful and have had time to work out any difficulties in their day-to-day operations.

It is imperative to purchase from a supplier who offers a warranty so you are covered in the event of any manufacturing defects. A reputable company should also be able to accommodate any design based on your wants and needs.

3. Installers vs. DIY

While erecting a steel building is significantly easier than a traditional building, it still has its challenges. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire installers. A good installer is experienced and can have the building erected within a given time frame, within your specific budget, and they will guarantee the job is done correctly.

If you insist on completing the job yourself to save money, be sure to inspect all parts for defects as these may prevent the building from being put together. Try to get a few people to assist you; you probably will not be able to erect the structure yourself and the more people you have, the easier the job will be.

4. Size

You want to make sure you have the space you need in the building when you are done. The best way to determine what size you need is go to a steel building supplier’s office. If your building will be smaller such as a shop or shed, the supplier may have floor models on site for you to look at. If your structure will be bigger, the supplier will have prints of buildings for you to consider.

Talk to the supplier and tell them what you need. They have experience and will definitely have some ideas. Also, do not forget about the height of the building when considering size. You would hate to end up with a building that you have to crouch down in.

5. Foundation Type

When calculating your budget, do not forget to factor in the cost of a foundation for your steel building to sit on. There are a few different options for a foundation that you can consider. One type is a floating foundation which is probably the most popular. This foundation is a concrete slab with edges that go just below the frost line. The slab acts as the building’s floor upon completion. Another option is a pier or footing foundation.

This type allows the building to rest on square footings installed deep into the ground. If you know you will be moving your building around or relocating it eventually, a portable foundation is a good option. This type has an industrial plate connected by anchor bolts that you can unfasten if needed.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.