5 Benefits of Using a Real Estate CRM

In real estate, an agent’s most vital resource is their customers or clients. Without them, the real estate agent has nothing to work with, and no goal other than to actually find a client. Therefore, the relationship between an agent and customer is key. This relationship can be managed in a variety of ways by using a real estate CRM, or Customer Relationship Manager. Now, a CRM can refer to a few different ideas, such as real estate philosophy, software, or strategy.

This definition may differ between agencies, but the common factor is that a CRM is designed to keep the customer happy and cared for. You may find yourself asking what exactly the benefits are that will come along with using a CRM. Well, in this little list, we will examine five considerable benefits that a CRM can provide any real estate agent.

1. Information Management

A successful real estate professional will most likely have a ton of things to juggle when it comes to information. Information such as sphere of influence (SOI), website, social media platforms, direct mail campaigns, farming, online advertising sites and others. It’s easy to see how that can be a real task at times. Luckily, a CRM will be able to consolidate all of that information in one spot, making it much easier to handle. Plus, you can access all of it on multiple platforms such as your phone or tablet, as well as your computer.

2. Immediate Responses

Contacting your clients as soon as possible is a big plus in this business. Your customers will take note of your prompt and attentive service, which will absolutely reflect well on your professionalism. A CRM will grant you the ability to use an auto-response feature, as well. While that may seem incredibly impersonal, you shouldn’t let that deter you from using it, as it can definitely come in handy in most cases.

3. Keep in Touch

Old clients can become repeat customers, of course. While a key ingredient to success for a real estate agent is to utilize new clients, it’s always a great idea to keep the older clientele happy, as well. A CRM will allow you to stay in contact with them, which lets them ask any questions that they may have for you, and will also allow you to inform them of new and enticing opportunities in the realm of real estate. As long as you don’t shower them in needless newsletters and articles, it should be a great way to stay in contact, giving them an easy way to contact you whenever they need. Plus, giving them an indication that you remember them and appreciate their business can go a long way in the realm of loyalty.

4. Personalized Intel

While talking to a potential customer, you may detect hints of what they want in a product. Whether it be wooden floor, a fireplace, or a certain style, remembering these details can really help you in the long run. A CRM will allow you to file these details away along with the customer’s profile. So when you do come across that one place that the on-the-fence client was dreaming of, you can pull up their profile and fill them in on the details. This makes you look attentive to their needs, plus it lets you wave an irresistible opportunity in their face, possibly coaxing them into buying.

5. Feedback

A good CRM will actually allow you to monitor certain tactics, as well. You can keep a close eye on what works, while deserting the things that don’t perform too well. This lets you tune your sales and marketing tactics into an incredibly successful strategy.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.