5 Benefits of Amish Furniture

The right furniture can transform your space from simply a place where people live into a welcoming home. It affects how you feel every time you come home.

It can also be a significant investment, and a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. So how do you guarantee that your investment will pay off? Choose Amish furniture for your home.

There are a few reasons why Amish furniture is the best option for most furniture pieces:

1. Elegant, timeless style

Hyper modern furniture based on current trends can be fun for a little while, but it frequently loses its appeal after a couple of years. Then you’re forced to either live with furniture you hate for several years or buy replacements right away.

Amish furniture is created using old but effective design principles, combining simple elegance and functionality. Nature serves as inspiration for most Amish designers, and their pieces will bring out the earthiness and warmth in your home.

2. Craftsmanship you can trust

Amish designers use woodworking techniques that have been honed for centuries. They are dedicated craftsmen, doing everything by hand and building furniture to last. Dozens of hours go into every single piece.

When you purchase Amish furniture you can feel comfortable knowing you’re investing in furniture that will last you several decades, and maybe even go on to your children or grandchildren. Many Amish pieces become heirloom pieces thanks to their expert craftsmanship.

3. Ease of maintenance

The simplicity and quality of Amish furniture makes it incredibly easy to maintain. Pure hardwoods such as cherry, walnut, and maple can retain their beauty with little more than an occasional dusting and polish.

Your designer can give you specific cleaning instructions for your furniture, but as a general rule you should stick with a non-wax polish and avoid ammonia based cleansers.

4. Made locally

When you choose Amish furniture, you’re supporting local craftsmen who often sustain entire communities. You don’t have to worry about supporting low-wage factories in the countries with relaxed labour laws where many big furniture companies operate.

Any reputable seller of Amish furniture should be able to tell you exactly which communities they buy from. When you bring it home, you can take pride in knowing you’re helping a hardworking local community thrive.

5. Environmentally friendly

Amish furniture is environmentally friendly from beginning to end. They are not permitted to use electricity, so Amish workshops use pneumatic and hydraulic tools, which have far less impact on the earth. They also only build furniture that is already wanted, rather than mass producing furniture in the hopes that it will sell.

Once it’s in your home, Amish furniture will outlast other pieces by decades, often removing the environmental cost of replacements altogether. And Amish furniture is completely biodegradable, so it can simply be returned to the earth when its time is up.

You also won’t have to worry about nasty chemicals such as formaldehyde that are often found in mass-produced furniture. These substances are considered Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and they vaporize at room temperature, potentially causing serious long-term health effects on you and your family.

If you want furniture that will make your house feel like a home for decades to come, Amish furniture is the way to go. The quality, craftsmanship, individuality, and sustainability simply cannot be beaten.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.