4 Tips to Buy the Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

Whether you need to replace a broken vacuum you have had for years or are buying one for the first time, purchasing an industrial vacuum for your business can be overwhelming. There are so many brands and models offered with different features and all of them state they can do exactly what you want, but you are still unsure of what you need. Following this guide will help you purchase the industrial vacuum cleaner that will suit you and leave your business looking clean and amazing.

1. What will you be cleaning?

First and foremost you need to be mindful of what exactly you will be cleaning as different vacuum cleaners are suited to clean different surfaces and materials. High-flow vacuums are best suited to cleaning light materials such as dust. If you are going to be vacuuming up a lot of liquids, you need to confirm the model you are considering has a wet/dry feature as any moisture that gets into a regular vacuum will eventually damage the motor. If you use a vacuum cleaner continuously throughout the day, chances are you are picking up a lot of materials. In this case, confirm that the product you are considering has a bigger bag or tank to accommodate everything you pick up and prevent you from having to constantly empty it.

2. Check out the motor

Looking at the motor of any industrial vacuum cleaner you are considering is crucial. You want to make sure the machine you purchase is capable of picking up any materials you need to. A single-stage motor uses the same air entering the vacuum cleaner to pick up debris and keep the motor cool. This often allows dirt to get into the motor and causes the vacuum to break eventually. A two-stage motor is ideal for industrial areas. This type keeps the impeller and motor in separate housings and has its own cooling fan, guaranteeing that only clean air is being drawn in and reducing the risk of dirt clogging the motor.

3. Look at overall composition

For an industrial area you definitely want a vacuum cleaner that is sturdy and that can withstand some abuse. If the vacuum cleaner you are considering is made of light metal or plastic, chances are it will not be long until it starts to split or break. A machine made of steel, aluminum, or high-density plastic will increase the chances of it being durable and dependable for many years to come.

4. Check the filtration

The filtration of your industrial vacuum cleaner is extremely important especially if you use it in enclosed areas. Cheaper systems often consist of a filter that is a thin cloth bag that has to be cleaned regularly and replaced once it becomes too covered in dust and debris. A good industrial vacuum will have a multi-stage filtration system with papers bags that are not reusable. In this system, a large bulk of materials is initially picked up followed by a second sweep that retrieves remaining smaller elements. This filtration system also prevents your vacuum from carrying any remnants of debris that could be problematic for those with allergies.

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