4 Perks of Granite Countertops

A granite countertop can beautify any kitchen while making it functional at the same time. If you are considering a countertop right now, you can’t go wrong if you choose granite. It is a natural stone that can add a wonderful ambience to your kitchen.

It is also incredibly hard and in fact, it is one of the world’s most hardest natural substances. It has grown in popularity and with good reason. It is not only durable but at the same time, it is quite beautiful and would make a wonderful addition to your home. Here are some reasons why a granite countertop is the best choice as a countertop.

1. Won’t Chip Or Scratch Easily

When you spend money on a countertop, you certainly don’t want it to be damaged in any way. Let’s face it, there is going to be lots of work that will occur on top of the countertop. Accidents will happen. However, under normal working conditions, it is very hard to chip or scratch a granite countertop. If you are going to hammer it or use a chainsaw, well, that’s different, but how many recipes call for the use of a hammer or chainsaw? You still need to be careful with knives or meat cleavers, but then again, when you use those, you need to be careful anyway. Obviously, use cutting boards and take great care, but when installed properly, a granite countertop can last a lifetime.

2. Resistant To heat, Moisture & Stains

When a proper sealant is applied, a granite countertop will be resistant to moisture, stains and heat. Since granite is porous, it is necessary to use a sealant on it. In terms of maintenance, you should apply the sealant on an annual basis to maintain its resistance to stains and moisture. It is also important to clean up spills such as food and liquids immediately, which is something anyone would do anyway. In the event that a spill is left there and it dries, you should use a plastic scraper and gently scrape it off.

You can also clean it with a mild cleaner and water. You can place something hot on the countertop without damaging it. Granite is formed by heat and pressure, so placing hot pans on top is not a problem. Whoever installs the countertop for you, they will let you know what kind of sealant you should use every year, but do ask, just in case they don’t mention it.

3. Affordable

Granite countertops are also affordable. For example, another type of countertop may be replaced twice whereas a granite countertop can last about 30 years and possibly more. In terms of square feet and installation costs as well as the thickness of the slab, they are quite affordable when compared to something else that won’t last that long.

4. Increase Your Home’s Value

You probably know that the kitchen is a very important part of the home. Having a granite countertop can increase your home’s market value. Whatever you paid for your granite countertop will be made back with a handsome profit if you decide to sell your home.

Granite countertops are great for the kitchen but it can also be used in the bathroom. An experienced professional will know how to install and seal it properly so that they will look great and last for decades.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.