4 Lifestyle Perks of Renting a Furnished Apartment

Whether you are a bachelor, traveling professional, student, or someone with a spouse and family looking to relocate to a new apartment, an option that is relatively new in the real estate market is leasing a unit that is already furnished.

Furnished apartments are usually equipped with basic necessities such as beds, basic kitchen appliances, and tableware with room to spare to add to this arrangement. There are numerous reasons why furnished apartments should be considered by anyone looking to rent.

1. No moving furniture

One obvious benefit of renting a furnished apartment is not having to move your own furniture to the new location. When you have your own to move, you need to take measurements at the new apartment to ensure your furniture will fit, rent a moving truck, arrange for people to help you, and physically move everything which could entail either having to go up multiple flights of stairs or completing multiple trips using a moving elevator.

All you need to do is transport your other essentials to the new place, unpack, and relax. In addition to not having to move furniture when you move in to the apartment, you also will not have to move it when you leave the premises either, making the transition to another location definitely easier.

2. Cost effective

While landlords usually do charge more if an apartment they have is furnished, a tenant can still save on some costs. If someone already has furniture prior to moving they can sell it on the spot and not have to worry about any fees associated with moving it to the new apartment. It also removes the need to pay for storage facilities to keep your furniture in for the period that you occupy the furnished apartment.

If someone does not have any furniture, buying new furniture for the apartment that could entail delivery fees and high costs to buy something decently built is not a requirement since furniture is already included. As mentioned previously, tenants will not have to spend money on large moving trucks to transport the furniture they already have.

3. Ideal for travelers

For people such as travelling professionals and students, furnished apartments can be an ideal option for accommodation. These types of people often only stay for a short period of time before moving home or to another area. Furnished apartments remove the responsibility of having to move heavy furniture when the time for relocation comes. Most furnished apartments cater to this demographic and as a result do not require a one-year minimum lease agreement.

When the time comes to move, all one would need to do is give sufficient notice to the landlord, gather their necessities and make arrangements to vacate the unit. Tenants do not have to worry about breaking a lease, renting a moving truck, or moving heavy furniture that has proven to be a tiresome and onerous process.

4. Ideal in an emergency

While most people do not want to think of crises and emergencies, the reality is they do happen. In situations like these, furnished apartments have proven to be a great option. Fires, floods, and renovations can necessitate people and families needing accommodations and furnishings are definitely a bonus in cases where items were damaged or ruined.

Furnished apartments can allow tenants to sign a short-term lease and stay in an apartment where furniture is already available. This allows people a great degree of comfort while their permanent homes are being repaired and they deal with insurance companies regarding compensation. Because of the flexibility around leases, individuals or families are able to move back to their homes as soon as they are able to or sign extensions if there are any delays.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.