4 Essential Skills of a Professional Locksmith

While locksmiths have historically only undertaken the task of fitting locks with keys, manufacturing locks, and changing them if needed, today the job entails so much more than that. These skilled tradesmen can assist you in a lot of jams whether it has to do with your home, business, or vehicle and play a pivotal role in allowing you to access what you need to with relative ease. Below are some of the situations in addition to changing locks where hiring a skilled locksmith will allow you to receive the help you need.

1. Master keying

A master key system means that one key can open many different locks. Sometimes a business requires a master key system so employees are able to access restricted areas with just one key. It is also beneficial for a manager, landlord, or security officer to have a master key so they do not have to carry around a big ring full of keys. A locksmith can install a master key system where certain areas can be accessed with a master key and this system can be instrumental in restricting access as well. For example, an accountant’s key can only open the front door and the accounts office in a bank. The bank manager’s key can open these as well as every other door on the premises.

2. Improve safety and security

Locksmiths can not only assist you with locks and keys, they can help promote the overall safety and security of your building as well. Deadbolt panic alarm systems, a mechanism on an emergency door that will sound an alarm after the bolt is released, can be installed by a locksmith and ensures everyone is informed in case of an emergency, then allowing for the easy exiting of a building. Locksmiths can also add security grilles and gates to the windows and doors of your home or business which will definitely prevent you from being a target for burglars. If you want to add deadbolts to your home or businesses for added security to access points, a locksmith has the ability to install them and confirm that they are in good working order. The locksmith can assess your situation and install measures that will guarantee the safety and security of a building.

3. Vehicle assistance

When someone is accidentally locked out of their vehicle they often think their only two options are to either find something to jimmy their way in or call the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) or equivalent if they are a member. But what if you lose the only key to your vehicle? If you completely lose your car key, you can attend a dealership for a replacement but this is costly and a locksmith can help you for much cheaper. A locksmith is able to cut another key for you based on your vehicle identification number (VIN) after verifying that you are the owner. If your key has a transponder in it or you require a fob, a locksmith can easily program new devices to have you on your way.

4. Electronic systems

With advances in technology, more businesses are turning to the use of electronic access systems to gain entrance to offices and restricted areas within them. Doors can be outfitted with keypads that require passcodes and card access systems which allows security and management to monitor who enters and exits certain areas and who is in what area of the building at all times. A locksmith can easily install an electronic access control system, make sure all passcodes or cards work properly, and perform any required maintenance on the whole system to ensure effectiveness and ease of use.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.