4 Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

Many people consider dental implants after losing a tooth or multiple teeth due to decay or an accident. Instead of having dentures that can be removed from one’s mouth, implants are fitted to the patient and kept in place by artificial roots. These are ideal for people who do not want removable dentures and want to maintain as much normalcy in their life as possible. If you have teeth that need to be replaced, below are reasons why dental implants should definitely be considered.

1. Improved quality of life

A smile that is plagued by decayed or missing teeth negatively impacts your confidence and makes you uncomfortable in social situations. As you lose teeth, bone structure is also lost and this causes skin around the mouth to look slack and wrinkled. Teeth that need to be replaced can be fitted and placed in no time and give you the confidence you need and deserve. Dental implants allow you to eat, smile, talk, and laugh without having to worry about poor-looking teeth or removable dentures that may become displaced. They are almost identical to natural teeth and are designed to fuse to existing bones. As a result, no one you interact with will be able to tell and people that have them often get compliments on how great their teeth are.

2. Easy to take care of

Removable dentures require you to use adhesives to make sure they stick to your gums and these are usually messy to use and can require re-applications after meals. They are usually very inconvenient because a person is required to take them out to clean them and soak them with a denture cleanser to remove food and plaque. Denture implants are often preferred because you take care of them as you would your natural teeth, using a soft toothbrush or electric brush to clean them at least twice daily obviously steering clear of the incision area where the implants are fused. If taken care of appropriately and on a regular basis, dental implants can last a lifetime due to titanium components usually used to manufacture them.

3. Little impact to other teeth

Denture implants have little, if any, impact on natural existing teeth. As mentioned previously, they are designed to fuse to existing bone structures giving the appearance of natural teeth. Any gaps due to missing teeth can cause issues with bone structures and cause existing teeth to shift. Dental implants will fill these holes preventing such things from occurring.

Other options such as bridges require the professional help of a dentist to grind down teeth beside the area where teeth are missing to make room for the cement that a bridge requires. Partial dentures entail hooking onto natural teeth to hold them in place and this puts unneeded pressure on them, eventually leading to damage to teeth and gums. With dental implants, a titanium artificial root is placed into the bone and covered with a crown. These do not touch your natural teeth and do not interfere with them at all.

4. Comfortable

With dental implants you can enjoy eating, talking, smiling, and laughing without worrying about removable dentures causing discomfort and slipping. The implants have the ability to restore full chewing power so you no longer have to worry about what you can and cannot eat. You will never have to endure the pain and inconvenience of removing dentures to eat, sleep, or clean them because dental implants are permanent. Removable dentures do not always address exposed nerves and irritated gum tissue that can be painful. Implants allow your mouth to be restored as close to its original state as possible, allowing a great deal of comfort in everyday situations.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.