4 Benefits of Employee Timesheet Software

If you are still tracking time manually, consider changing into a modern and more beneficial way of tracking your employees’ time by using special software. If you have yet to take the plunge, consider how long and unproductive using old-fashioned methods are. It can give rise to many problems, including mistakes, arguments and wasted time. These methods are cumbersome, yet, many businesses still track time manually. Why take a bunch of bricks from point A to point B by hand fifty times? Why not load it into a wheelbarrow and make life easier? Manual tracking also costs more, believe it or not. Here are the best reasons to use employee timesheet software.

1. Combine & Automate Everything

If you use a good software system, it will allow you several options to make life easier. Employees can use several interfaces such as desktop or mobile applications. Your payroll staff will not have to manually take data from paper and transfer everything into something else. Employees can enter data themselves. You can program and automate specific rules such as leave requests or entry approvals. Using archaic methods, it can be difficult and time-consuming to search paper records. Timesheet software easily organizes and digitally stores all employee records which will then be easily accessible.

2. Efficiency = Less Taxing On Administration

When you decide to take the plunge, make sure to choose a software system that is compatible to your business’ current system. Check into things like payroll and benefits so that integration is seamless. This helps in terms of efficiency as leave requests, time off, timesheet validation and approvals can all be automated, including payroll and human resources duties. It is also easy to send timesheet reminders automatically, including collecting and approving it digitally. When you automate accounting and payroll duties, you can free up valuable time (instead of them wasting time the old-fashioned way) so that they can spend more time on other important tasks.

3. Improve Accuracy

Not only are paper timesheets difficult to read on many occasions, there is also no way of telling if they have been altered in any way. Using software puts an end to this. Employees can now enter their data into the system directly which will eliminate errors. A good software system will also provide a kind of trail so that administrators can gauge user activity. This helps to eliminate any suspicious activity on the part of the employee, so accuracy is totally improved using a software system. This special audit trail feature is helpful when accuracy is questioned and is a valuable part of a really good employee timesheet software program.

4. Get Rid Of Clutter

You probably have tons of paper in your filing cabinet. It is probably full of paper timesheets gathered and stored over the years. Now, with an efficient software system, all records can be securely stored in the cloud. You can now get rid of all these stored timesheets and even get rid of your cabinets if need be. You can free up some valuable space in your office and use this space for something else like a photocopier or a coffee machine.

Using good employee timesheet software, you will eventually save time and money. What business would not want that? No more need to chase employees and question them. Make sure the software you get will fit in nicely with your business. These programs are customizable anyway and it will enhance efficiency and productivity. You’ll wonder why you didn’t take the step sooner!

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.