4 Benefits of Cleaning Your Office Carpet

Carpet is beneficial in an office setting for many reasons. It is elegant, welcoming, and comfortable but one major drawback of having carpet is the effort that has to go into cleaning and maintaining their appearance.

If this is not done correctly, your office setting will definitely experience problems ranging from business disruptions to health issues. Consequently, it is very beneficial to hire a professional cleaning company to look after your carpets and there are many reasons to consider this option.

1. Convenient

You probably do not have the time to spare to adequately clean the carpet in your office and assigning an employee to do it may lead to resentment, a decrease in morale, or negligence in following through with the task. Whether you clean the carpet or an employee, it will definitely lead to attention being taken away from business operations that could affect your bottom line and a disruption in operations if the task is completed within business hours.

Hiring a professional office cleaning company is a great option because you can schedule a time for them to attend outside of business hours which will guarantee no disruptions. The company will also move around any furniture required to clean your carpet allowing you and your employees to avoid the hassle of completing this task.

2. Healthy

Probably the most important reason to clean your carpets regularly is because dirty carpets can lead to illness. Fibers in carpet not only can have hair, dirt, and dander in them, they can provide a haven for dust and fungus which can cause people to become ill when ingested. When people take it upon themselves to clean their own carpets, they often become extremely wet and this causes the presence of mold and mildew which can also lead to illness for people within the vicinity.

Professional cleaners can prevent the presences of harmful contaminants by using cleaning solutions that rid carpets of them and using vacuums with high suction power to suck up anything in its path and any excess water left behind from washing. Cleaning companies often use eco-friendly, natural cleaning solutions meaning that your employees and customers will not have any allergic reactions to products used on the carpet.

3. Odor control

When carpet is clean, it is aesthetically pleasing and elegant but when it is dirty it can smell very bad. Carpet in an office can begin to smell due to moisture, mildew, spills, and age. Lingering smells due the carpet in your office can make employees sick or resentful if the issue is not addressed and your clientele may become reluctant to attend, hurting your business and profits.

Attempting to remove the odors yourself will be futile as the smells will remain no matter how hard you wash and scrub. Having your carpets professionally cleaned regularly will allow you to get rid of foul odors. These companies have cleaning solutions and the technology required to clean your carpets and leave them smelling fresh and sanitary.

4. Maintains appearance

Stains left from spills can make carpets looking filthy, tired, and neglected. You could run out to a hardware store and purchase a cleaner “guaranteed” to remove every stain imaginable, but the reality is these rarely remove the stain and using a product not meant for your type of carpet may end up damaging it.

Professional cleaning companies can attend your office, determine what type of carpet you have, and treat it accordingly with state-of-the-art cleaning products and technology. Many people that hire the services of a professional for their office carpet are amazed at how it is often restored to its original condition after a deep cleaning.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.