10 Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike

Electric bikes are normal bicycles that are modified to include an electric motor and battery. These bikes make pedaling more easier and traveling distances more achievable. Electric bikes amplify the power of pedaling for effortless commuting and are perfect for urban transportation.

They offer all the advantages of a regular bike such as exercise, free parking, freedom from being stuck in congested traffic and zero emissions. Bicycles in general are sustainable modes of transportation that help to preserve the environment, reduce air contamination and offer ecological footprints. Electric bikes offer the same sustainable benefits.

Many confuse these bikes to be the same as motorcycles which is not the case as electric bikes can function perfectly without the motor and battery as well. People also wonder how the electric bike can be better than a normal bicycle. The question asked is: why pay more for a sophisticated bike when a regular bike is affordable and offers the same benefits? So here are 10 compelling reasons to own an electric bike:

1. Torque efficiency

Unlike a regular bike, the electric bike makes it easier to pedal up steep hills or through winds without performance anxiety and perspiring. You are less likely to get tired pedaling uphill.

2. Cost savings

Electric bikes don’t require insurances, licenses, regular maintenance and most importantly gas to run.

3. Avoid traffic congestions

Faster to a regular bike and effortless, the electric bike can navigate through the city without having to deal with traffic jams. You do not have to worry about traffic or adding time for traffic during your commute. This in turn reduces your stress levels and allows you to get to your destination quicker.

4. Long distances

The electric bikes travel longer distances with less effort in a shorter period due to the extra help from the motor. These bikes encourage you to consider daring and longer bicycle trips without having to be concerned about the amount of pedaling to and from your destination.

5. Riding to work

Electric bikes reduce the perspiration and you can ride directly to work without having to take a shower.

6. Health benefits and exercise when needed

You still achieve fitness goals with the options of switching from the electric motor to manual pedaling. The pedal-assist ability can be reduced or motor switched off to allow you to ride a regular bike and get the exercise you need, when you need it. Secondly, the electric bike is a suitable option for all ages as it reduces the level of pressure on knees and joints. The electric bike encourages more bicycle trips that will keep you healthy and active.

7. Easy to park and parking is mostly free

Finding a parking spot or locking up your electric bike is a breeze. Unlike a car or SUV, you do not have to fret trying to find parking. Most locations such as malls, workplaces and public areas have dedicated bike parking space that is free.

8. Environmental friendly

The electric bike uses renewable or rechargeable energy. These bikes contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and cleaner air. It also helps to eliminate traffic congestions.

9. Mobility

There are models that are foldable and can be carried on buses or trains, allowing you to travel distances without having to leave your electric bike behind.

10. Enjoyable ride

The biggest benefit of the electric bike is that it removes the barriers of regular cycling and the rigorous efforts needed to pedal. It is a comfortable feeling when you have the power to increase speed and acceleration with a switch of a button that starts the motor. These bikes offer flexibility and freedom to travel around without having to struggle with distances and pedaling over steep slopes.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.