10 Interesting Facts About Epoxy Flooring

If you are the owner of a residential property, a warehouse or a manufacturing facility, someone might have recommended you to learn more about epoxy flooring. This beautiful and cost-effective type of flooring can bring you many benefits.

Here are 10 facts about epoxy flooring.

1.Epoxy flooring can be installed on different surfaces

Unlike most flooring options, epoxy flooring can be installed on nearly all types of surfaces. This means you could get your epoxy flooring installed on steel, on concrete, and on other types of substrate.

2.Epoxy flooring can withstand heavy traffic

If you are in need of a heavy duty floor, epoxy flooring is the right choice for you. It can withstand heavy traffic and machinery, so it can be the perfect flooring for garages, factories, warehouses and airplane hangars.

3.Many colours of epoxy flooring are available

If you want an easy way to add some colour to your facilities, you should know that epoxy flooring can be tinted in almost any colour. You will be able to choose the colour you want, with a beautiful glossy finish.

4.Epoxy flooring is almost impermeable

The molecules of epoxy resins are cross-linked, which makes epoxy flooring almost completely impermeable. This means epoxy flooring can resist air and water intrusion, and it won’t get damaged by corrosive materials.

5.Epoxy flooring is resistant to chemical attacks

Because of its chemical composition, epoxy flooring is also resistant to chemical attacks. This quality makes it the perfect flooring for factories and manufacturing facilities where chemical products could be spilled accidentally.

6.Epoxy flooring can be an effective fire retardant

Some types of epoxy coatings can contain pigments that allow them to act as an effective fire retardant. If fire or high temperatures are a concern for you, make sure the type of epoxy flooring you choose has fire retardant properties.

7.Epoxy resins can be combined with other materials

In fact, epoxy resins can be combined with different other materials to increase their performance. For example, silica sand can be added to the epoxy coating to create a beautiful textured floor that will not be slippery.

8.Most epoxy flooring can be installed in two to three days

If you are worried that the installation of an epoxy flooring might disturb your work schedule, you should not be. Most epoxy flooring installations can be performed in two to three days, and can be done over the weekend.

9.Epoxy flooring is easy to maintain

A smooth and shiny epoxy flooring is incredibly easy to clean and to maintain. Your floor will never look dirty or damaged, and you will not have to waste a lot of time to maintain it.

10.Choosing epoxy flooring is a smart investment

Epoxy flooring can seem like a large investment at first, but it is also a very smart one. Easy to maintain and highly durable, epoxy flooring can withstand chemicals, fire, cracks and chips while staying beautiful and shiny for many years to come.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.