10 Happy Colours That Will Cheer You Up

Colours for a home or business can make a big difference within the space. Additionally, the colour you use can influence your emotions like tranquility and rage. Vibrant and lively colours makes you happy, while a dull colour can make you sad most times.

When choosing a paint for your home, make sure to select happy paint colours that will cheer you up. If it is a business, choose a colour that will trigger satisfied and motivating feelings. The paint should guarantee to boost your moods. Even when renovating, this is the perfect moment to consider the colour paint to use. The colour you choose should match your existing furniture and the rest of the décor.

A welcoming home or business is defined by its colours. There are colours specific for a living room, bedroom, kitchen and washroom. Each one adding to the atmosphere. For example, lavender works in the bedrooms as it creates a tranquil and comforting décor. The colour of the paint has the power to change the room’s shape, size and appearance.

Here is a list of Happy paint colors that are recommended by interior designers:

Color #1: Yellow Paint

Yellow is certainly one of the happy paint colors that will cheer you up, even though it might not be an obvious paint choice for spaces. However, if you are looking to create the sun effect in your home, yellow paint will help you do that. Yellow fosters joy, cheerfulness and happiness. It works well for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms as it creates an energizing and uplifting environment. Use the colour in moderation and where it works best.

Color #2: Sky Blue Paint

If you are hesitant about bright colours, then consider sky blue paint as you cannot go wrong with this colour. The sky blue colour creates a serene, calm and subtle backdrop. It can go with many other colours because it is a light shade.

Color #3: White Paint

If you are looking for a neutral look because you have a lot of coloured furniture and art to display, then white paint is the right choice. White brightens the room, including your mood. You feel happy and energetic when surrounded by white. White paint works wonders for very dark rooms with little light.

Color #4: Blush Pink Paint

No one would think of pink as a room colour, but blush pink can make a room look splendid. It is subtle, delicate and neutral. It adds colour in a dull room and creates good memories. The shade offers a pearly glow that creates extra luminescence when light reflects of the paint. This colour can create inspiration, love and kindness.

Color #5: Cream Paint

Cream paint offers an alternative choice if you do not want to go all white. It is timeless and can fill large spaces creating a sense of serenity. It works perfectly for walls as it captures light to give the room a warm and inviting glow. It softens the feel of the room and offers a neutral colour for all spaces. There are various rich tones of cream that creates the best look for any room.

Color #6: Watermist Paint

You probably have not heard about the watermist colour paint. It is rare and carried by selective paint shops. The colour is neutral and perfect for any room. It offers a coastal look and a soothing environment that is usually used for dining rooms.

Color #7: Red Paint

When you paint a room red, it increases the energy of the room. This bold colour is suitable for large homes and rooms. It can draw people together and encourage conversation. Red attracts attention and is the best way to create a first impression. Even though the colour might be too intense, it can work well depending on the interior design of the room.

Color #8: Soft Green Paint

The soft green paint is gentle for the eyes. It is suited for all rooms creating cheerfulness, comfort and togetherness. It encourages unwinding with its calming effect and can even relieve stress. You can brighten the room, while still staying neutral with this paint choice. The benefit of the soft green is that it adds colour to a room without overwhelming the room with a bold colour.

Color #9: Purple Paint

Purple works best if you are looking for a bold and happy paint colour. It is sophisticated, usually associated with luxury and creativity. It can make a first good impression and create an inviting entryway. There are lighter versions like the lavender that fosters peacefulness and harmony, perfect for bedrooms.

Color #10: Orange Paint

Known to be a colour that evokes enthusiasm, orange can make any dull room stand out. It is one of those happy paint colours that works well for living rooms and kitchens. This colour can be used for both homes and businesses. You may not think about orange as wall paint, but you will be surprised at how well it works for different rooms. It is bright and has the power to make the room cozy and warm.

Kelly Young is a writer born and raised in Toronto. Proud of her simple and cozy life, a perfect evening for Kelly would be to snuggle up in bed with her cat and a well-written historic memoir.