Squeezing Out Life From Winter

by simplylife on February 5, 2014

While I am the first to admit that I’m thrilled February is here because it means we’re that much closer to spring, I have also been trying to squeeze out the most life from these seemingly never-ending frigid days.

One thing I love about chilly weather is being able to enjoy warm coffee indoors, so I’ve been tying to savor these moments a bit more.  Once warmer weather hits, I don’t enjoy my daily caffeine fix nearly as much; I’m not much of an iced coffee fan, and I often regret drinking that steaming cup of joe when I start to feel sweat dripping. 🙂


Two places that my husband and I have repeatedly found ourselves this winter sipping espresso, sharing pastries and dreaming about the future are 7 Pond and Cafe Fixe.  They share the same owners and both do an impeccable job of serving high-quality coffee and food. While I typically prefer coffee shops that cater to our on-the-go, wi-fi-connected culture, there is something about the simplicity in these two places that forces you to slow-down and relish in the moment.  There’s no free wi-fi, many drinks aren’t served in to-go cups, and their selection of food is limited to a handful of options.  Yet, we have never been disappointed in a drink, pastry, bowl of granola (below), or the time that they clearly spend perfecting everything that they serve. (They don’t know I’m writing this post; just wanted to share a great find with anyone in the Boston area!)

Another way we’ve tried to make the most of this winter is to bundle-up and get out whenever we can!  Over the weekend, my husband and I strolled through downtown during a small break between frigid temps.


We were shocked to find numerous people walking on the frozen pond in the Boston Garden (not the ice skating in the Boston Commons!).  We had never seen this before!  Bostonians- is this common?!


Though these were simple things, they really did help to improve our moods and make us not dread another day of winter. 🙂

~How do you squeeze out the life from winter?

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