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by simplylife on February 17, 2014

My husband and I got married at a young age.  I had barely lived on my own when he popped the question, and while I loved cooking, I had a rotation of about five recipes I knew how to cook.

When we found ourselves registering for wedding gifts, like many others I scanned through friends’ registries, researched reviews online and browsed countless stores.

We tried to really register for things we thought we would need and use frequently. There are some items that we still use on a nearly daily basis 6+ years later, while others have remained largely untouched.  In addition, there are a few items that we’ve purchased on our own (or received through blog reviews) that quickly became household favorites.

So without further ado, here are the kitchen gadgets that I find myself using most often:

Le Creuset Stainless Steel Pans – We actually registered for (and received) Calphalon Nonstick Pans.  We used them nearly daily for about 5 years, until the bottoms started chipping.  Thank goodness for excellent return policies; we were able to return the entire set and upgraded to our current set!  With all the cooking we do, this was an investment we were okay with purchasing (and we scored a huge Black Friday deal!).  The deep skillet (pictured below) is my favorite in the set!


SodaStream – This was given to me for a blog review.   Prior to my review, I didn’t see the appeal of carbonated water. However, now that I have it, I finally drink plenty of water (a practice I’ve never been too good about)!

Crock Pot –  While I hope to take advantage of this genius appliance more often, I absolutely love having it as an option! Whenever I use it, I am amazed at how easy it makes the cooking process!  For slow cooker recipes, click here.


KitchenAid Stand Mixer This was something we registered for, but didn’t get. I actually like knowing that if we received it for our wedding, I would not have fully appreciated it.  However, after saving for this and buying it (refurbished for 40% off!) on our own, I still appreciate using it every single time.  It makes kneading dough and mixing batter so much easier!

Pizza Stone – A few years ago, I got really into making my own breads and pizza dough and would typically bake them on a sheet pan.  At the recommendation of a friend, we purchased a pizza stone.  It makes a HUGE difference in the crust, making it much more crispy on the outside, while perfectly chewy on the inside!


Rice Cooker – I know that rice can be made on the stove, but for some reason, I’m much more apt to screw it up on the stove and either over or under-cook the rice!  We have found that our perfect water to brown rice ratio is 2.5:1, using this rice cooker!

And there you have it – my most frequently used kitchen/cooking items and small appliances!

~What kitchen small appliances/items do you use most frequently?

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  • http://whatisbakinginthebarbershop.blogspot.com/ Colleen

    What a fun post! We have many of these items and love them as well 🙂 Additionally, things that we’ve received or purchased that we love are our juicer, ice cream maker, whirly pop popcorn maker, and coffee roaster 🙂

    • http://www.simplylifeblog.com/ Simply Life

      oooh, an ice cream maker sounds so fun! 🙂

  • decocinasytacones

    Interesting post..thanks for the info.

  • itzyskitchen

    YES! I love le creuset!! I couldn’t be without my large pot. Also am a big fan of the crock pot. Other favorites include a small blender (like a magic bullet), immersion blender (for soups), a good coffee pot & a good frying pan

    • http://www.simplylifeblog.com/ Simply Life

      oooh good ones!

  • http://www.brokenrecord.ca/foodblog Camille Barichello

    I love my stand mixer and my slow cooker too! My cast-iron skillet gets a lot of action, as does my big Le Creuset soup pot (because I love all things cast-iron, apparently) – and my little food processor isn’t very good and it came from the drugstore, but I use it a TON.

    • http://www.simplylifeblog.com/ Simply Life

      I have a feeling a cast iron skillet may be the next item we purchase! There are so many meals that call for one!

  • http://www.wearenotmartha.com wearenotmartha

    That’s so awesome you can upgrade your Le Creuset pans like that! I got a whole set of All-Clad for my wedding and am IN LOVE. Also obsessed with my Soda Stream and use it multiple times a day. My ice cream machine and Vitamix are on overdrive, too 🙂


    • http://www.simplylifeblog.com/ Simply Life

      We have a juicer that works okay, but I’ve heard amazing things about the Vitamix!

  • http://joanne-eatswellwithothers.com/ Joanne (eats well with others)

    This is such a great post because we are currently trying to figure out what to register for! We already have a ton of stuff but one must is a set of All-Clad pans! Because my pans are crap.

    • http://www.simplylifeblog.com/ Simply Life

      Yes! Register for the good stuff that will last years!!!

    • http://www.simplylifeblog.com/ Simply Life

      And I highly recommend researching return policies of places before your complete your registry – it made a HUGE difference, especially when we got duplicates of some items or just changed our mind after the gift was already bought!

  • meganmicallef.wordpress.com

    everthing on this page makes me drool. i’d really love an ice cream machine.

    • http://www.simplylifeblog.com/ Simply Life

      me too! 🙂

  • Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca)

    Cool post idea!! I use my Vita-Mix every day 🙂

  • http://megan-deliciousdishings.blogspot.com/ Megan

    Let’s see I don’t have a SodaStream yet but think I would love one. Other than that I’d say everything on your list and would add our Cuisinart food processor, Breville toaster oven, All-Clad immersion blender, and Keurig coffee machine. I probably have too many small appliances but I love them all!

    • http://www.simplylifeblog.com/ Simply Life

      Great list! I really want a bigger food processor!

  • AlchemyInTheKitchen

    It’s nice to see into other people’s kitchens and find out the equipment they find most useful. I love my old fashioned €1 ice cream maker (but only use it in the summer), my £50 pre-loved stand-mixer (it was already about 25 years old then), and my eclectic collection of knives, oh and an ancient pestle and mortar.

  • Amy (Savory Moments)

    I must say that I love my immersion blender — especially this time of year when I make a lot of soups. My Kitchen Aide mixer ice cream attachment is also one of my favorites! Slow cookers are the best, too.

  • http://rpsmiles.com/category/latest-news Del Mar Dentist

    Nice appliances! You must really love to cook! How about having a yogurt maker? I think that will be cool!

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