What I’m Thankful For

by simplylife on November 23, 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful, delicious Thanksgiving!  One of my favorite parts of this holiday is to take time and truly reflect on all that we have to be thankful for.  I know I’m a couple days late to the party, but it’s never too late to remember what you’re thankful for!  Here’s just a short list of a few things I hope to never take for granted:

  • My husband who picks me up and twirls me around when I come home from work at least once a week. 😉
  • My family who picks up the phone whenever I call
  • A job that I am passionate about, inspired by and so grateful to have every single day
  • Great medical care
  • Friends who let you talk freely without having to explain yourself
  • A warm house to come home to every night
  • Hot water during my morning shower
  • The ability to connect with people all over the world, thanks to technology
  • My health and the health of those I love
  • A good book and the time to read it

Oh, and you know what else I’m thankful for?  I’m thankful for YOU, my readers.  I know it sounds cheesy, but this little blog has given me so much more than a way to store my recipes.  It’s reminded me how much I love photography and has inspired me to start taking my camera with me wherever I go, taking note of all the beautiful details in this life.  It’s given me the kindest people to share moments of my day with; all those sweet comments wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving and people letting me know they used one of my recipes to feed their family always brightens my day.  It’s given me an outlet to reminisce about experiences traveling abroad, to reflect on living simply and to broadcast my favorite Trader Joe’s products.  And it’s given me the motivation to keep cooking, searching for new recipes and trying out new foods.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh yeah, and one other thing I’m thankful for: the ability to try these delicious desserts, courtesy of This Chick Bakes! Coming home from work to find this beautiful box filled with a variety of homemade desserts definitely made my day!

They sent me such a wonderful selection of desserts, including: Peanut Butter Blast, Green Tea & Lemon Cookie, Vegan Ginger Molasses Cookie, Gluten Free Cranberry Orange White Chocolate Cookie, Raisin Coconut Oat Cookie and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

My absolute favorite was the Chocolate Fudge Brownie.  Oh, I am nearly drooling just thinking about it right now!  It is dense, moist and perfectly chocolately.  I also loved the Peanut Butter Blast!  This has distinct layers of dark chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate chunk cookie- need I say more?!

Here is the Vegan Ginger Molasses Cookie.  You can see the short ingredient list right on the package.

This was the perfect fall dessert and paired beautifully with a warm cup of tea!

I am very impressed with everything I tried from This Chick Bakes.  Everything tastes so fresh and it is obvious in every bite their products are made using quality ingredients!  There is nothing artificial in their products and everything is homemade in small batches.  And I must also add, there packaging is just beautiful.  🙂  I think this would make an excellent gift to your favorite foodies this holiday season, or to share with your guests!

~What are you thankful for today?
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  • Hubby

    I love you…

  • http://bite-sized-thoughts.blogspot.com/ Kari

    Happy Thanksgiving to you 🙂 I love your list and also love the look of those cookies!

  • Marialuisa Echeberria

    Happy Thanksgiving to you a bit late too.
    Thank technology for giving me the pleasure to message you, besides many other thanks of course.

  • http://www.singerskitchen.com/ Singerinkitchen

    Lovely list! What a yummy goody box too!

  • managedmacros

    What a great blog!!! I am thankful for hot coffee to start my day, creamy peanut butter and my family; Bri guy, tree trunk and the 2 meows; Stan and Clove. The blog is more than posting recipes isn’t it? It is a whole new world and you are right I has really challenged me in photography, food and other areas of beauty. I want a box of cookies on my doorstep when I get home!! I would TRULY be thankful for that!! 😉

  • Karen (Back Road Journal)

    What a lovely post…I feel thankful that there are so many wonderful bloggers that inspire and encourage all of us. That box of goodies sounds terrific.

  • http://twitter.com/swankydietitian Kristen RD

    These treats look just fabulous!
    I love that your husband twirls you around. So adorable! 🙂
    I am thankful for so much! Family, friends, and the many wonderful opportunities I’ve had!

  • Jessie

    A very happy Thanksgiving to you! It sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for 🙂 I just love that your hubby twirls you around when you get home – so cute! I’m definitely thankful for friends and family, and for a husband who supports me with whatever crazy thing I want to try next 😉

    • http://www.simplylifeblog.com/ Simply Life

      Those are definitely things to be thankful for! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • meri

    I love your list of gratitude. Those cookies are making me want some sugar, stat!

  • Mom

    The packaging of these deserts is adorable; I hope you can reuse it! I’m so grateful for so many things, being able to praise God, talk about my faith and share my beliefs openly, still getting to make school lunches and hearing the front door open and seeing my kids, my family being a phone call away, my health, my job, a cozy place to go to in the morning, being appreciated, a friend’s smile, unexpected mail….it just goes on. Knowing my daughter gets twirled around is a treasured bonus!!!!!!!!

  • Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca)

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  • dusty123

    IM thankful for my job. I just pray i havent made to many wrongs to reap the benefits of this new job.
    I see myself moving up in the company and being happy to go to work everday. And I hope to get great benefits there one day. Just pray i can pay my fines soon..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000074073902 Linda Latham

    Just like dewie cox says.. Its a Bautiful ride.

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