Reader’s Challenge: Getting To Know YOU.

by simplylife on August 12, 2011

I’d like to get to know you more. 

Would that be okay?

What do you like to do?  Who inspires you?  When do you feel your best?  Where were your great-grandparents born?

What food or meal do you feel represents YOU the most?  Now, I know I’m basically setting myself up for failure – I can’t recreate the whiff you get of your dad making burgers on the grill while your brother has you in a headlock or your great-great-grandmother’s homemade dough recipe that’s been passed down through generations on a faded piece of paper.  However, I believe that food makes-up a large part of our culture and our identity, so I’d at least like to try.

So for this reader’s challenge, I want to know what food and/or meal you feel represents YOU the most and I will try to use that ingredient/recipe to get a better sense of who YOU are.   

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~What food and/or meal you feel represents YOU the most?  Feel free to share reasons why, memories, etc!

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  • ANU

    nice event dear…happy hosting!

  • brocstar

    Spaghetti for me… because as a teen I went all rebellious against my chicken nuggest lovin', soda chuggin' family and became a vegan. And cooking noodles followed by opening a jar of sauce was the only thing I knew how to make.
    I'm a little more creative with my spaghetti these days. 🙂

  • Lauren

    Cool idea! I think that oatmeal represents me the best. It is versatile, plain sometimes, but exciting when it needs to be 😉

  • Allison (Allison’s Delicious Life)

    I think that ice cream represents me the most! I was born in July, and summer is my favorite season. There is something so carefree and relaxed about licking an ice cream cone on a sunny day. This summer, I have never turned down ice cream. I even went a whole week eating ice cream or frozen yogurt each day. Not even embarrassed… 🙂

    I always say that no matter healthy I try to be, I will never say no when ice cream is around. I consider it to be "my thing".

  • Meri

    I'm a jack and coke (is that food?) Bubbly, sweet, and a little dangerous…

  • Maris (in Good Taste)

    I love food so much I have to think about this. Great question!

  • ~~louise~~

    I'm with Maris on this one…thinking…

  • yummychunklet

    Ooh, great idea. I know I'll be doing something baked because my sisters think I'm a baker, not a cook.

  • amy @ fearless homemaker

    oh my goodness, what a great question! i'd have to say something homey + family-oriented, with a little cutting-edge style. let's go with a family-style meal of homemade pasta with my twist on arrabiata sauce + a side of delicious parmesan + parsley meatballs. and wine!

  • thecookieboss

    I have family from all over Europe, so there's a lot of different types of recipes that we have. Even my great-great grandmother was like half Native American. One meal that really describes my family is latkes. I know! That's so stereotypical, but it's true for us. My mom also makes amazing kugel.

  • savoryandsavage

    I would have to say mashed potatoes represents me the best – specifically Colcannon.

  • bonnie at sweet life

    I would have to say mexican food, avocado in general..great event!!

  • Kiran @

    Love this! I think curry represents me well 😀 Don't worry, I am not angry, hot or fiery all the time!!!

  • Mom

    When I walk into grandma's house and smell gravy cooking, not sauce. That's what it was called when I grew up. With something frying on the side to add in the gravy when done like Italian sausage or meatballs.

    Nothing brings me back like that.

    That is, of course, unless it's fried dough with the leftovers of grandma's pizza dough sprinkled with tons of powdered sugar…..MOM!!!!!! MMMMM

    Then going into the parlor (not living room) to watch tv after that great food at the table!!! M O M !!!!

  • Kim Bee

    Lasagna for me, cuz it's got a hard edge with a soft middle. It's spicy but you can sweeten it up. And once you try lasagna you can't get enough of it, just like me. *my goodness I hope the humour comes across otherwise I sound like a loon* lol

  • Grace In Full Measure

    Hmmmm…good question but a difficult one because you're not asking what food I like best but what represents me. Maybe chicken and pork adobo, cooked ever so slowly in a clay pot. It's very Filipino and it captures my fascination with tradition.

  • Jolene – EverydayFoodie

    I think that pasta represents me the most. Any kind.

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