Bok Choy Sesame Stir-Fry

by simplylife on June 16, 2011

After making it home with my fist CSA share and finally satisfying my curiosity of what a Hakurei Turnip was, I then realized that I had a week’s worth of produce and no clue what to do with it.  I’m not one of those people who can just open the fridge, look around, click my heals and produce something gourmet.  

No, I need a plan.  

So I got to looking around for different recipes; who knew that Boy Choy could do so much?!  If you’re unfamiliar with this leafy green or hesitant to give it a try, this is a great recipe to go with!  The combination of fresh vegetables with wide, flat noodles and sesame seeds definitely was all the reason I needed to understand why we decided to support this CSA!

For this dish I made a sauce combining Trader Joe’s General Tsao Stir Fry Sauce with a bit of Sesame Oil, Low-Sodium Soy Sauce and Ginger.  I heated that in a large skillet over medium-high heat then added chopped Garlic and sliced Hakurei Turnips.  After cooking those for a few minutes, I threw in the Bok Choy and Edamame. Meanwhile, I made Flat Egg Noodles in a separate pot, then combined them with the vegetables and topped it all with Toasted Sesame Seeds.  Enjoy!~What is your favorite way to eat Bok Choy?

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  • Erica

    I honestly have never cooked with bok choy, which is funny because I love to order dishes that contain it! This looks so yummy and fresh! Yayy for CSA!

  • Maris (In Good Taste)

    This looks so delicious and your photos are fantastic!

  • Torviewtoronto

    delicious looking stir fry
    I make a bokchoy curry and have with rice and other curries
    check it out 🙂 would like to know what you think

  • Hamaree Rasoi

    Bok Choy looks awesomely delicious and mouthwatering. I just can not contain myself after looking at your wonderful clicks.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  • Rebecca from Chow and Chatter

    looks great I like bokchoy with a little soy and oyster sauce

  • Jennifer

    wait– you MADE THE NOODLES? teach me! <3

  • Allison

    i am a huge fan of bok choy! this stir fry looks healthy and delicious. the noodles especially look yummyyyyy 🙂

  • Carolyn Jung

    Wow, those are regular egg noodles? At first glance I thought they might be rice noodles like in chow fun dishes. The noodles look delicious! And kudos for you for creating something so seasonal and wonderful.

  • yummychunklet

    My mother makes a bok choy recipe with a beef based broth in soup. It's so delicious.

  • Justeen @ Blissful Baking

    This stir fry looks amazing! I love that you added noodles to it. My favorite way to eat bok choy is raw in a salad with a simple soy vinaigrette. Delish!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I love it in stir fries the best! Yours look so delicious with those thick flat noodles 🙂

  • decocinasytacones

    Hmmm, I need a plan too, I only improvise for dinners sometimes, some fried eggs with ham, fried eggs with french fries…..omelettes of any kind, but nothing else.
    This is something I should try.
    Love from Spain

  • Wendy (The Local Cook)

    I love it sauteed, like I did in this post:

  • Indie.Tea

    I like bok choy stir-fried too…with a meaty mushroom (such as shittake). Your version sounds much more complex, and really delicious.

  • Shirley

    This looks like one healthy delicious dish!

  • Lauren at Keep It Sweet

    I loved getting CSA last year and already miss it! Can't wait to see what other interesting veggies you get.

  • Angie’s Recipes

    Looks so healthy and delicious!

  • Priya

    Thats soo delicious and filling stir fry..

  • Jeanette

    I just joined a CSA this year too, and got some bok choy in my box this week. I'm planning on stir-frying it with some shitake mushrooms and ginger. I've never heard of or seen Hakurei turnips before – looking forward to seeing what you get in your weekly box!

  • Cait’s Plate

    I don't often integrate bock choy into my life but I really should do it more often. I really only get it if it's in something when I eat out. This looks delicious though – those noodles!! I'm drooling 🙂

  • julie

    yummy stir fry..lovely clicks too..

  • Junia

    i was looking at bok choy the other day and thinking about getting some!!! great recipe :D.

  • aeshcame

    WOW! looks simple yet meal-some..this way the kids would surely beg for more bak choy! great recipe.

  • Nicole@HeatOvenTo350

    One thing about a CSA that I love it that is really forces you to be creative. I'd say you succeeded with this dish. You stir fry is beautiful!

  • Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian

    This looks amazing! I love the wide noodles. Yum!
    To be honest, I think the only times I have bok choy are in asian dishes. So good!

  • H

    wow your photos are amazing!
    I love bok choy any way….usually I sautee it with a little bit of sesame oil and some soy sauce, but a two nights ago I made it on the grill (just sprayed with a touch of olive oil, and then grilled) and it was fantastic! Everyone in my family agreed that it's probably our new favorite way to eat bok choy 🙂

  • Belinda @zomppa

    Such simple deliciousness – great CSA finds!

  • cajunlicious

    Came across your blog on foodbuzz & am your newest follower!!!
    – Jessica @

  • aipi

    Delicious recipe n beautiful pics!
    US Masala

  • Beth @ DiningAndDishing

    those noodles look incredible! thick soft noodles are one of my very favorite meals :).

  • Jackie

    The egg noodles look so good. Very impressive!

  • Mom

    Well, I'd say by reading these comments that your first use of these new veggies was a definite SUCCESS! Great job! The wonderful part of your blog is you now have a few more ideas of what to do with your new veggies next! Your pictures are wonderfully creative and inspiring and you make the meal look very pleasing to the eye!

  • moveovercelery

    Looks beautiful. 🙂 I've always wanted to become part of CSA. I've been looking at this one particular farm for awhile now. I should probably give them a ring!

  • Sobha Shyam

    looks delicious and nice presentation

  • arthi

    visiting your blog after a long break because of my finger injury..healthy and tasty stir fry..I am happy to invite yoy to participate in our "Quick and Easy recipe mela".

  • Errign

    Loveeee bok choy & I'll pretty much eat it any way 🙂


    Awesome clicks and fabulous recipe..Looks yummy…

  • Baking Serendipity

    I like plans too and this one looks delicious 🙂 I love CSA's because they help me eat locally and challenge me to eat differently. It's always a double win!

  • tigerfish

    Stir-fry too! But when I am lazy, I steam or blanch and then into a noodle soup they go :p

  • Jolene – EverydayFoodie

    In a stir fry!!!

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